Friday, March 9, 2012

Market Group up and Running!

Good morning all, well I did it. I started the market group page on facebook and to date I have 49 members. I have a couple regular posters the others are side line sitters, which is fine, as long as I get the word out there to start using your local markets. If you want to have a look it is: Charters Towers Markets Info and Chat. The site has been quite useful so far for pre-ordering cooking and asking what is for sale. We need more stall holders at two of the markets, but all three would be benificial to all. Have been thinking to stir the pot a bit and get people looking into their cupboards for those treasures that have outgrown their use... bundle them up, grab and stall and make some pocket money....

My childrens clothes have been moving along which is great, and if I want to be truly honest, it wouldn't be too good if I sold them all out in one market, cause I can't quite sew quick enough to replenish stocks. I am going to stick to a handful of designs only and add embellishments for variety. I have not made any boys clothes to day, only because they take more time to make. I will have to get my head around this and start, because I have been asked alreay, do you make boys clothes... The biggest news here is, I have a Fantabulous artist who is at this very moment drawing my new tags for the clothing, think I may have to add a fee just for the original tags. And they will be, all original drawings, no photocopies or prints. I am so excited to get my first batch, Thank You Karen from Sugarbird.

Foolishly or not, I have also added to my stock with my one size fits all
Coffee Cup Cozies: $12ea.

Fabric Trays in a smaller (10in) size: $10ea. 

Trays lay flat for storage, and snap together at corners when you
are ready to use them. They are fully washable!

Pencil Rolls for Boys and Girls: $15ea.

Holds 19 pencils, but comes with 12 different colours.

And last, but in no way least, a Super Nappy Bag / Tote.
With six internal pockets and two outside, this is a great bag,
and a fantabulous price at: $45.99ea.

I have also been dabbling in headbands, hair clips and hair ties, with the odd brooch for my dresses. I reckon here at Saselven I am too creative for my own Always wanting to do something new instead of building up what I have. That is the naughty side of me I am afraid:))

Now that you have found my weekness I will sign off and get back to an order I have to have finished by Sundays market. Take Care, and Stay Safe.
Cheers Sas. 

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