Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!

15 more sleeps by my calculations... I hope everyone is more organised than I am. Not that I have to send out much this year, but I do have a stack of Christmas cards sitting here ready to be posted.

Tomorrow is the last market for the year and I must admit I am looking forward to the break. However, my on line store Saselven on Madeit is a 365 day a year project. I have a few new items up and selling and a few more that I will work on over the Christmas break.

 These delicious little Designer Bags
are quite roomy inside. Each comes with a matching Coin Purse. Both are interfaced and top stitched for extra strength and durability.
Retail: $25.00 + p/h

These and other colours are available on Saselven on Madeit with more colours already cut and ready to be sewed.

Because I do not make the same style in the same colour, once they are sold, there is no more. Best thing about this is; you will always have purchased a one of a kind, unique item.

I am also making Softies eg: Horses & Dogs, these are for the older children and adults, however I have another dog in the pipeline, called Chester. He will be for small children through to adults. I am cutting him out now... I have made a prototype and he is gorgeous. You will love him to, I guarantee it!

On the 23rd December we are on our way for a three week break. Our very good friends have a decked out bus that we will all be sharing for this holiday. We are travelling from Charters Towers to Brisbane down the coast road and weather permitting back up through the middle to Winton and Longreach Hall of Fame... we are all excited and have already started to pack what we need. Thought it was a bit early for hubby to pack his toothbrush

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone, have a safe and joyous time, cut the risks to a minimum and survive to see a new and wonderous year begin...

Cheers Sas.