Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'll tell you a secret!

My goodness, I can't believe I have not been on here for this long. I know a lot of things have happened since my last post... but I guess the one thing that stands out is; I have finally separated my Children's designs from my Grown Up designs. So far it has proven a great move, with my Children's one at Saselven Lil Designs and my Grown up one at Saselven Designs, both on Hand-Made Australia. I do not have anything for sale in my Etsy shop at the moment, once the products timed out I didn't relist or add any more. My Madeit Shop is still going but only has some odd stock in it... I will eventually only have Hand-Made and my own site.

I have a big market coming up on the 1st December in Townsville, 126klm NE of us. It is the North Queensland Kids & Baby Market. I have not attended this market before so I am hoping for some new followers of my brand. I will have plenty of business cards and flyers to give out. So, at the moment I am up to my elbows in cut out fabric that is just begging to be sewn. I had thought it a good idea to cut it all out in a couple of days and then spend a couple of more days sewing it all up. Will see how I go. Sun hats, adjustable and/or reversible is what I am hoping to have plenty of as well as some softies.

This is my secret: After years of abusing my body with the wrong food and very minimal exercise, I have decided to do something about it. Both my hubby and I have started to watch what we eat and not exactly counting calories but making informed decisions about what we are eating... our portion sizes have just about been cut in half and we eat off small plates. It seems we are doing the right thing at the moment, as collectively we have lost close to seven kilos in less than a week! Do you have any tips on how to lose weight, something you have tried yourself and it worked! 

Back to what I do best:) I am writing my second free tutorial at the moment. No sew Christmas decorations. I hope you like it and even try it out! I am always looking for these types of crafts that I can do down by the river while my hubby fishes. Anyways, there are a couple of different ways to achieve the no sew Christmas decorations so check back to see if I have put them up yet.

This is a sneak peak of the almost finished Christmas decoration. 

Since the second hand is knocking on the door of midnight, I should be getting some shut eye. Thank you so much for supporting my blog, my store and myself. Cheers Sas.



  1. I can't wait to see the decoration, it looks great so far!!

    Well done on the weight loss too! I'm doing the same thing.... but really need to excercise more ;) hehe

  2. Thank you Sally, I enjoyed making the Christmas decoration, just need to write up the tutorial and get it on here... And as far as the weight loss, we decided being walking time bombs was not the best career move we have ever made... :) Thank you for stopping by and an even bigger thank you for commenting! Cheer Sas.